The funny thing about most of the Nagant sniper guns, they weren’t that accurate.
About half I’ve played with were hard pressed to beat a 3″ group at 100y. But then again, much of the eastern front sniping was in town and under 100y, so pinpoint accuracy wasn’t needed.

The standard Mauser, not a sniper gun had to beat 2″ to pass muster. The sniper guns were often chosen for their accuracy.

I have in the cabinet a Mauser ZF41 that with junk ammo will still shoot into 2.5″ from a rest and open sights, the scope being lost somewhere in the last 70 years.

One reason so many women were Soviet snipers, was that the men were often off at the front lines, leaving the women and the young and old to fill in other positions that were less physically demanding.
You use the resources you have.

One famous female sniper, Dr Ruth.
Yup her.
Granted it was with the pre- IDF, but still.