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i realize its alarmist to suggest a full exchange, its just a worst case scenario.

But I do feel the need to point out russias population crisis and their inability to replace their numbers does not bode well for the possibility of a limited exchange in poland, romania and the middle east.

The russians are well prepared and halted grain exports some years back.

There also famous for not telling there citizens about the fall out from chernobyle, and there is a documentary on youtube exposing the cover up for all the poor bastards downwind during the may day parades…

and like ive said on previous posts, 0.01% exchange anywhere on the planet will reduce temperatures by about 3 degrees… and it becomes more likely a possibility the longer that the methane in the yukon and NWT melts out… this is also occuring in northern russia…

Ill make a post about the D.U.M.Bs in a later evening post. Jesse ventura exposed a mansion bigger than the white house being constructed by the former head of cyber intel in usa. damn thing has bomb proof windows and god knows what underground.

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