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Thank you for asking. Born North TX moved to South TX. After my mother died went to NM with Grandparents. I have decided to retire here after 22 years of service with the US Army in Counterintelligence. Alamogordo not Ruidoso where I graduated in the mountains. Too expensive up there. I am waiting for and investment to come in and plan to build a fortress in the mountains shunning human contact. Achieved associates through masters BA in Criminal Justice and masters in education. I am trying to get a good group of like minded individuals together here but it is faltering. I have one or two of them as pretty close friends. My wife hates me leaving and going over there we got in a big fight over it. We prep and cache and I attempt to teach them both basic Army type survival. I loved all the good advice from the school so far. I have been to great brittain, france, lichtenstein, austria, germany, bosnia, korea, kuwait, saudi arabia, iraq, croatia, and italy. thanks again!