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C, I have a personal love of sailing but don’t consider sailboats as a truly viable shtf escape method. Sailboats are sitting ducks. Even moving at night is suspect in my mind. If there is no gas for power boats it would be one thing but otherwise you setting yourself up for trouble. I actually believe kayaks or other small shallow draft boats with a very low profile that are easily hidden in marshes etc. a safer alternative. In a shtf scenario the pirating business will boom, coastal watching for boats is easy. If the bad guys have power boats forget it unless you have a lot of long range fire power. You could try to run outside a long way out, but then when daylight comes you’re visible for a range of 10 miles or so, if you bump into a waiting vessel they will catch you in 10-20 minutes depending on their boat.

Not being seen is the only safety in a boat, once you are discovered you have no escape unless you make it to shore in a safe place where you can evade.