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Like Tolik said staying unnoticed is the best policy. If you can leave an area where there is a lot of shooting then do it. Try your best to avoid a fight. Only fight back if you are cornered and there is no other way out of the area.

c, on “I have no idea how someone would find a bullet without modern imaging equipment.” I agree, a small .22LR or even a 9mm will not be easy to find. If you get shot with a .22 LR three to four times you may bleed to death slowly. I know for a fact that everyone that owns a .22 rifle thinks that they need to shoot 3 to 4 bullets at a time to stop someone and even then it may not stop the person but there will be no way to find the bullets so they will die slowly.

So the idea is not to get shot. Just leave the areas were there are a lot of shootings.