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What gore? It wasn’t gory at all… but I have had two home births.

The big thing to know how to manage a gunshot wound is to deal with the bleeding and shock first. The person’s body position when being shot was very important information. I have no idea how someone would find a bullet without modern imaging equipment. Removal of a bullet would be very important and would require professional help. Hopefully, without medical care, the shot would be a through and through. Infection would be a big deal in aftercare.

I hope, I never have to deal with that kind of wound without professional care. Likely, without professional care the person would die of internal bleeding, shock or infection. My home remedies won’t work. Ionic silver might help stop infection with a through and through shot in a non-vital area of the body as long as no bone was fractured during impact… My advice, don’t get into a fire-fight if you want to live after SHTF.