I had chance to know several guys sharpshooters (snipers) and more then few times I have been on the “other end” of the sniper ( luckily i am still here) and one thing that I still remember about those guys is discipline.

Of course there were guys who just happen to get sniper rifle and they shoot, but I do not find the anything like real sharpshooters.
Since it was pretty chaotic time most of them were simply amateurs, or highly skilled hunters in peace time.

But there were few of them who were professionals, mostly strangers, mercenaries. People who do that for money, for living.
And one of the best was guy from UK, real mercenary, he did not looked like real soldier, story was that he was ex SAS but who knows.

Interesting for us in that time was that he used to carry whole package of small chocolate bars, and when he took position he could be there without any movement for hours, checking and looking destroying people and those candies in same time.
Nothing like real warrior that people would imagine, but one of the best (or most dangerous).