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the best way to get squirrels, (be aware of your local laws tho), is to cut a small pine down, trim all the branches off, and then suspend it horizontal between two other pine trees. Smear peanut butter in the very middle, and then put snares all along the top, 5-10 on each half of the pole. Squirrel is one of the very few sources of potassium in northern boreal forest. Red squirrels are protected fur bearers here, so snaring like this is probably illigal without a trappers license.

i wouldn’t waste a 22. round on them unless it was an emergency, not worth trading the bullet for a mouth full of mangled meat.

Depending on the area you can get 2-10 of them in a day or 2. The corpse of there brethren does not deter.

tree snare snare snare snare peanutbutter snare snare snare snare tree
tree =================================================== tree
tree long pole —->>>>>>>> tree
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