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Kos – thanks for enlightening me! I could make some great income if I had the interest in picking off squirrels. The chefs of some of the big ‘country’ (yet 4 and 5 star ‘inns’) around here love the ‘off-beat’ stuff and pay. Lots of born here locals love squirrel meat.

I have several ‘murders’ as they say of crows here. Very intelligent and entertaining birds. I still have a bit of trouble telling ravens from crows but I think I only have one pair of ravens here or close by. I can sort of tell time by the crows as it appears they are aware of several of the neighboring farmers feeding habits. They regularly make a racket when they take off to go filch food at certain times of day. I swear one particular murder waits for me to stir about in the morning and follow my activities during the day. Why? They are just always right there nearby. Several will let me come very close to them. If inclined I imagine I could get them easily to let me handle them a bit. I have a red hawk I used to hunt with (he was a bit injured so I retired him) that I still work regularly to keep him happy and fit – it is funny to see the crows line up on the fence to watch. Like a noisy bunch of smart, yet comical, gossipy old men!