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Here is a link for the original post I had created about 6 months ago…for background for those that have joined since then about ‘stealth walking’.

Since then our small group has grown a bit and through the generosity of this wonderful, elderly, thoroughly amazing older gentleman have been learning lots of very cool, interesting, never-would-have-normally given it a thought stuff. Although elderly this gentleman is very limber (10 times myself at close to 60) and I can not express in words the sense of absolute calm he sends out. I wish I knew how that happens. I am always very peaceful yet hyper-focused feeling when I leave his ‘togetherness’ meeting as he calls them.

I can say that only in about the last 2 weeks do I think I am beginning to, without thinking, more often than not, actually do/move as we have been being taught. I do notice here and there, without intending, people being startled at my presence and get the ‘Oh you scared me – I didn’t hear you/know you were there’…in every day sort of situations.

One of the biggest pluses, for me with all the critters, is they do not hear me coming as much I think (haha when trying to catch them/move them). With their more limited vision (degree wise) I have been having a much easier time gathering up my friends, or a particular friendly animal I need to work with out of the pasture of paddock.

I have also gone to some length to fix with screws all of the many places in my home I have found/didn’t realize, where the floorboards squeak. Our friend (the instructor) never said as much but I have come to realize one of the keys to silent movement is achieved by calmness and concentration in ‘becoming’/trying to be part of your surroundings. Hard to put in to words. Blending – smoothness sorts of thoughts help overcome immeasurably errors in technique. There is a measure of heightened attention to sound that goes with it of course.

I’ll try and find the vids Whirly mentioned. It has become a very interesting side/past time for me. Some of the others in the group are still finding it difficult to make progress, but given their natural sort of personality I guess it may not be so surprising.

Hope the link and this brings newer friends up to speed on the subject. Sorry I forget most of you haven’t been on the forum since day one.