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freedom, predicting the future is just speculation. Most of the really big events that have changed the world for the good or bad have been black swan events. Black swan events are by definition, unpredictable, even though people will “predict” them in retrospect.

As individuals, we can only focus on a few tasks at a time. Many of the big things in life are completely out of our personal control. We all have limited time and financial resources. After focusing on basic household emergency preparation and 3-6 months of food and supply storage, we will have diminishing returns (reduced marginal utility) from doing more. We might also waste our most precious resource, our life energy, which might be better spend enjoying family, friends and living a full life.

I want to live off-the-grid in a mobile, stealth housing system. I want to grow a forest garden full of exotic mushrooms and wildcraft medicine from my bioregion and work on a breeding program for pastured livestock. Yeah, I’ll be better positioned then the next guy if SHTF happens, but I’m really doing it because it’s fun and I think it will be a better life. Don’t let fear of the future make you not enjoy life right now. Don’t let an uncertain future derail building plans for a beautiful future full of wonderful people and neat projects. :)