My first big flood as a child, was in 1984, with tropical storm Domoina. We were told to stay at home and not go to school. But within hours little creeks became rivers and soon we were on an island. The water was meters away from our house. Living 5 km from the closest river, is was very strange and somewhat mind boggling to look at the water and the trees floating by. But the worse part was staring out the window at the crocodile two meters from the front door..

Some years later I remember another flood where I used my horse the next day to walk into the water. I took all the small animals hanging on to branches to the side. Even wild mice sat on my horses bum, to tired to be scared off me.

Today, I’ve got a lot of respect for nature. I will not cross a river that looks all smooth. You also need to be very careful swimming through a river close to the sea. Even on horseback.