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Of course, the individuals in the government think they are smarter then you. What do you think the state-run schooling system is for? Educating the masses? It’s for recruiting the 1-2% of the top, most brilliant youth and getting them on government’s side through pandering to personal arrogance, greed, statue seeking, thirst for power, respectability, etc. (I saw this happen to my brother who has genius level intelligence and got recruited and trained by government to work for government.) …BUT there is another way.

“Perhaps one of the most optimistic libertarians ever was Murray Rothbard, a happy intellectual warrior if ever there was one. And he was very enthusiastic about the revolution of libertarian ideas, because he understood fundamentally that liberty is the only manner of organizing society that is compatible with human nature and human action.”

BUT you have to cut off the money coming from the mulch cow, taxpayer.

Here’s a case for optimism, or you can fight policy with government officials until the cows come home, and get more of the same.


PS: If you have never read Murray Rothbard’s book For A New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto you are in for a treat. It blew my little mind. Here’s an online copy.