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Sometimes it is a matter of paying attention to your belly twitch. 20+ years ago I spent a month in Evanston, IL at Northwestern Univ. for one of those executive training courses. Evanston was a somewhat upscale place but it was still a city adjacent to Chicago. It was winter and I would go for a 7 mile run every evening before dinner, but it was dark by late afternoon of course. My route took me through a mix of areas from single family home neighborhoods to apartment building areas and through the downtown. One evening as I was coming down a main boulevard in an apartment building area that wasn’t well lit I could see a guy up ahead walking towards me. Something about him set off my pay attention belly twitch and so I sped up a bit as I approached him. The moment I passed him he turned around and started running after me. That caused me to run faster than I had ever run in my life and I didn’t slow down until I got back to my residence hall on the campus. He gave up the chase quickly enough when he saw he couldn’t catch me but my adrenaline was pumping and I just kept going.