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In this time we live in I don’t get why people do such stupid things like jogging at 5am anyway. Some poor your girl got drunk, left a party in Charlottesville, near here, got lost wandering around the downtown area and got herself abducted and killed not too recently. Had even called friends to say she was lost. Now I remember the place when it was a very small, quaint college town – but it is a small city now – with city problems.This girl was very smart – until that night. In fact, lots of young girls have been going missing around that area for a number of years now. Anyway, KOS you are right about watching the hands. One young girl barely avoided being abducted down in CVille a couple of weeks ago because, walking home from class one night, she was approached by a guy asking her how to get to the library as he walked up to her – but his hands were in his hoodie pockets. She said later she started backing up as she realized, why are his hands in his pockets, where are his books…dropped her stuff and ran just as the guy pulled out a big knife and went for her.