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74, pretty much. the skinny guy has over 10 years mixed martial arts training and lots of fights under his belt, and the big guy is a wrestler/grappler.

at 4:50 in the video the skinny guy does not recognize the threat (situational awareness), and has no idea how to react to it because all he has been taught is dancing lessons that work in sport… not combat… so he gets stabbed. the same thing happens to the wrestler.

A cop would have instantly recognized the threat, demanded to see hands, and likely make some distance happen to buy time to pull his gat.

Most knife fighters, i mean real knife fighters… you will never see the blade coming. Its only the new street thugs and wanna b that flash metal to scare a person. (this is the major reason concealed knifes are a no no in canada.)

I read a story a while back about an early morning jogger, he was about to pass a walker on the path, and as they passed one another, the walker slashed the joggers throat, walked away a few paces, and turned around to watch the jogger girgle. Didn’t take the wallet or anything… then left. The jogger lived btw, missed both arteries. (I would imagine that there would have been warning signs the jogger missed, like whats this guy doing walking out here at 5 am.. and hey, where are his hands…)

So as a rule, be aware, where the hands are. (sit Aware)

Lots of people who are in martial arts classes (ive been in more than a few) have zero clues about reality, and what they think they know usually gets them broken noses and teeth, very rarely do they learn from the experience of having their asses handed to them by a pork belly biker missing teeth, the 80 year old combat vet, or the 90 pound girl who knows where to put her finger, (in the rapists eye).

Almost every fight I have ever been in started with a ****** punch (but there are always warning signs before hand). They are never fair sport like matches, and thats what people who go to those classes expect, because thats how they practice. Their teachers are just as clueless typically, (really shop around if anyones thinking about it… what you think you know can get you killed. JeetKuneDo is the best IMO, but only if the teacher is legit. Its no rules street fighting, just like mr lee intended.)

Sorry if i offended anyone enrolled in martial arts / sport. I had a lot of fun in tae kwon doe when i was a kid, but i also got kicked in the balls a lot *chuckle* never kick above the waist.

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.