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Wildartist- yes the birds are something normally I do pay close attention to. It’s my busiest time of year for my main business so been too distracted obviously.The jays and heron, haha and of course the hawks and buzzards. The swallows, when they are here alert me to lots of the small critters about. The ducks and geese always let you know when the big animals arrive to eat and drink at the pond.

It was interesting to see that three of the horses were ‘guarding’ the big dead buck – well at least I think that is what they were doing. Very little damage to him strangely – buzzards either overhead or sitting on the fence close by. It was hard to get the horses to move away from the carcass to move it. As I drive I always try and notice the horses in the roadside fields – if they are still, heads up looking at something (normally heads down grazing) I look where they are looking and usually deer, dog or coyote moving. Have avoided hitting some wildlife on the road that way.

Kos – yes the dogs are very helpful. I don’t move about the fields or main animal shelters with them this time of year however because they get so energetic now they stir up the horses (when I am trying to catch them), annoy the cows (when I am trying to move them) and frighten the sheep (they have no brain). Fox hunting going on almst daily and the hound packs run by or through regularly and don’t want them joining the party. The ducks are great alerts.
Yep, the squirrels are noisy buggers aren’t they What is a pine cougar? Will maybe google. Thank goodness we don’t have grizzly. Just mostly black bear.