<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>freedom wrote:</div>Having armor is a very good idea. In a SHTF there maybe no doctors or hospitals so getting shot with a .22 LR or .45 is all bad news. The armor and the sandbags look better everyday.

One thing one has to remember, in most civilian gunfights, the arms and hands get hit more than one would expect.

Part of this comes from the tendency to focus on the threat, the knife or gun in the bad guys hands. Gun gets pointed where you are looking. Bang.

Secondly, your arms are often out in front of you to defend yourself, to carry things, etc, they are in the line of fire. Heck, watch shooting videos where people try to magically stop the bullet or bad guy by throwing their hands in the way.

Armor does nothing for this.

Chicken plates.
Everybodys favorite thing.
The problem with plates is simple.
Anyone with any training can recognize a plate carrier and knows that if shooting once or twice has no effect, aim high for the head or low for the crotch. Either way, you are suddenly having a much worse day.
Problem 2, most people are getting plain steel plates. Sure they may be contoured for better fit or comfort but that makes them even more injurious. Look at them carefully, the bullet that just splattered on your chest plate has to go somewhere, and without some form of absorbing layer, those bits end up in your arms and throat.

Gents, we won’t even consider where they go if you’re sitting.