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Safety1st – a much cheaper alternative might be traffic spikes. Here’s one company that makes them. Of course have to use in reverse.


<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>KOS wrote:</div>If a guy was rich, and could somehow rig an outdoor motion sensor light that played scary sounds instead of light, i bet people wouldn’t go anywhere near my property as well. Fear is a powerful motivator. I remember a robin hood movie where the bandits put wind chimes in the trees to spook people out.

Sometimes simple really does work. A member of our group has columns at the beginning of the long lane leading to his place. He had gates (yes plural) that would keep getting swiped by the metal thieves. Said screw it. Didn’t replace gates. Let the road entrance go to hell, the lanterns on the top of the gate posts are all spooky, glass busted out, vines growing up column now and starting through them. And, seriously, he has a group of old looking tombstones to the one side of the posts (he put them in) just behind the fence that are all old, weathered looking with some overgrowth- and the part of the lane you can see before the bend is all rutted and washed out looking. Has a couple of sensors in the cattle guard he can activate at the entrance that trips a gate just around the bend that rolls out across the lane – covered with bones and skeletons. A couple a ‘human’ ones though fake (look real to me). A hunk of burned out vehicle or two. Really bizarre but pretty effective. No one goes down that lane or even pulls in to turn around. I doubt many have seen the ‘bones’ gate. Past that however it starts getting a little less creepy but around the last bend – wow. Guy has great place. Still, we pretty much don’t like meeting at his place often.