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There is actually about 40 videos if you hit the play all button. But even bruce lee said never kick above the waist or you will taste your testicles, so i do not recommend the kicks. Most experienced fighters never do, kicks, like the spinning back kick are usually reserved for a “FINISH HIM” move.

The wing chun punch is usually used in combination with bursting blocks, but the technique becomes practical for a lamen, when you exchange fists for knifes (its energy efficient). Most of the combat martial arts, not the sports, use blocks and attacks that work both with fists, sticks and knifes. The muscle memory works for whatever is in your hand.

Im not tuting a horn or anything, I only practice the basics.

“fear not the man who knows 10,000 techniques, fear the man who practices the same technique 10,000 times”, Bruce Lee.

There was a lot i did not know about martial arts before the internet. For instance, many know that making a fist the thumb goes on the outside of the fingers, or you break your thumb.

What most do not know, is that if your thumb is not resting on your peter pointers little knuckle beside the finger nail, and is on the middle finger, or heaven forbid the ring finger, it cuts circulation off to a nerve in your hand that increases your chances of a shattered wrist. All the power of the punch is lost when this happens. The loss of circulation weakens the strength of the wrist to stay stiff.

When i taught my little sisters the basics, I instructed them not to even make a fist, but to open palm strike. Not because of that nose bone bullshit, but because that way they never have to worry about a shattered wrist. The palm strike is one of the most devastating blows anyone can do. Straight out of star trek, for a reason. The open palm strike also allows for several maiming techniques involving a womans finger nails. Much more practical if the woman likes long nails. It doesn’t take as much force as you might think to remove a rapists ear.

The major difference between contact sport and combat, is that combat techniques are derived from the idea that you will be facing multiple opponents, and that you do not want to waste all your endurance on one opponent, you want to drop them and move onto the next one. Pure economy of motion, is the very essence of “not breaking a sweat”.

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.