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Tolik, I do not for one second believe that obummer is the one in control of usa. He has authority power but that is it, and because he is so unpopular, he doesnt even have the respect of the west point cadets (found an article last night that said the cadets would not stand and salute obummer during his speech this last few months).

List of power bases

1. Authority power (head of state or church)
2. Reward power (unlimited money printing)(every man has his price)
3. Coercive power ( do it or else )
4. Expert power ( Knowledge is power)
5. (always forget the last one for some reason)

Should be obvious who is in control of getting people to do what they want after looking at this short list.

Unfortunately there are only four ways to deal with someone forcing their will on you, and most people, (not the ones on these forums lol) will do anything they can to avoid a fight. Hense… i believe if shtf most will flight/avoid (bug out), or submit and start digging ditchs for fema.


If you know of another option philosophy, sociology, or psychiatry has missed, i encourage you to publish it lol, because you will have made history.

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.