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One thing I have tried to do is encourage my neighbors and friends to do seasonal food storage, anywhere from 3-6 months of food. Some of my friends do up to a year’s worth. This would have been a no-brainer for pioneers or homesteaders of a generation or two ago. It would have been a matter of survival. A pioneer that didn’t prepare for the winter, would be a dead pioneer by spring!

The right away benefit for modern people, is you can get your food supplies during the fall bounty very inexpensively and live off those supplies all winter long. This saves money for the household, plus saves time by not having weekly trips to the store, and saves money again, by avoiding spontaneous purchasing that can happen during a shopping trips.

IF preppers as a group, could encourage their neighbors and friends to do this kind of prepping (3-6 months of seasonal food storage for saving money), we would be safer as a population because more households would be prepared for a short term shortages. Also, if you didn’t have an item, your neighbor might have that item, and vise versa.

Hell, if we could even get people to find their kitchens and start cooking food again, we would be better off as a population. Here’s a post for newcomers to nourishing traditional foods and eating more seasonally and locally.


Here’s my post for newcomers thinking about food storage and a system of rotation.