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i have to know why i’m bugging out before I activate my BO plan. But say the plan is to get out of dodge in plain sight the first way I would think of would be railroad tracks (unused is best), river or vertical. Get to a highpoint. Around here it usually means a steep 1000 foot climb thru woods and rocks. I like the froggy toggs khaki poncho. I think you could pick a tree sit down and pretty much become part of the terrain with it on. Move rest listen move. It would be a cold camp & lightless as long as people are around. One of my sleeping bags was designed as a guard bag. It has arms on the upper part and unzips in the middle. Good for having to deal with night time visitors. BO and you never know what you’ll run into…dogs kids bear deer moose hikers rednecks snowmobilers marijuana farms, other woodsmen. lol (don’t forget the pepper spray). Walking Dead is great for unexpected BOs.