Telling other folks that you are prepper is kinda temptation, because both, you want to help other folks (family, friends…) by telling them that, and helping them to be prepared too, also we feel “smart” because we realized that something bad gonna happen and it make sense to be prepared.

Here being prepper or survivalist is kinda weird too, which is funny because not so (very) long ago people were forced to kill neighbors to survive or to buy few cans of food with gold necklaces.
But people like to forget bad things, not many of us want (or have skill) to learn lessons from hard times.

And what is more important people naturally want to trust that system gonna work, and system gonna take care about everything, and bad things simply gonna not happen.

One of the good lesson from hard times is that I simply now have problems to trust people, especially when it comes to the preparing for SHTF.
On the other hand I do not see that as a real problem.