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How often the Ukrainian Government has lied? How often have the Russians and the Americans already lied, how often the EU?
Don’t trust them…

The poor are the Ukrainians, they are exactly in the middle of this conflict and are now in SHTF (like Selco was in Bosnia!). It’s not just about the Ukraine, there is a Conflict between the United States and Russia. The EU is only a vassal of the USA so they have to join.
It is fueled by both sides again and again, there will be no peace for a long Time i think.

About the Russian troops on the Border, as the Yugoslavia War began, our Government planned to send up to 50.000 Men to the Border, no one has said anything about it.
This was in June 1991, there were not 50.000 but enough with heavy Weapons etc.

So why should the Russians withdraw their troops?