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freedom, I wish I could be as optimistic as you. What you say is possible but it is far from assured. The R’s like to spend just as much as the D’s, just differently. They all like to be at the front of the pork parade. The general public loves pork when it is served to them. In today’s paper there was an article about one of the nearby ski resort towns, a rather wealthy place by VT standards, and they were looking for $100,000 to fund a study of what they could do to improve their downtown. That they should figure it out or fund it themselves doesn’t even occur to them. A couple years ago the town next to mine got a $150,000 grant to replace the windows in the Town Hall. The local officials sang the praises of this “investment” which was going to save them $4,000 a year in heating costs. That it was a 37.5 year payback which makes it a horrible investment didn”t occur to them. Those windows will surely be replaced again before they ever pay for themselves. More revenue coming almost always means more spending opportunities.