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Well, i know for a fact that its very, very illegal to put a few hundred fish hooks attached to fish line and bear bells, in the bushes around your property.

Probably just as illigal to have a few “bear falls” the size of a truck or tank *cough*.
IMO The trick to stopping an aggressor from crashing your fence SHTF would be to think of a way to get at the guts of a car, instead of stopping it at some kind of barrier that will give your position away. When we are in the back country every now and again you will come across a vehicle that went just a bit to far into the bush and twigs and branches will get tangled up underneath ripping out cords etc. At least then you wouldn’t have to worry about hurting anyone severely, or the precious running vehicle for that matter.

Gotta be so careful these days *giggle*.

The electric fence is also a good option, cheap to solar trickle charge or even hook up to your car bat for the night. I ran one for four months straight on one golf cart battery. no problems until something big crashed the fence while I was on an errand.

If a guy was rich, and could somehow rig an outdoor motion sensor light that played scary sounds instead of light, i bet people wouldn’t go anywhere near my property as well. Fear is a powerful motivator. I remember a robin hood movie where the bandits put wind chimes in the trees to spook people out.

The helicopter and predator sounds would be perfect IMO. (yea yea video games i know) but if i was in the back country and heard the predator sound clear and loud, i may just drop my gun and **** myself lol.

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