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Yep yep, understand all.

The main reason I am so in love with the 10-22 is the 100 round drum clip and the accuracy. The trench warfare video in regards to ww1 talked a lot about rate of fire and magazine capacity for close range fighting against multiple hostiles.

Theres no doubt in my mind that hitting a dollar size target within 100 yards is not something everyone can do consistently. But I can certainly do it at 50 yards consistently free standing, and maybe 20% at 100 yards from sitting or prone (stationary targets of course, and still hitting the pie plate). For some reason only with open and peep sights, I am terrible with a mounted scope.

The recoil is so low i have no issues changing and sweeping multiple targets and burning a clip either. The trick is pulling the trigger at the right moment, obviously *chuckle*. Had to show my dad this with pine cones at 50 yards before he would believe it. If I ever get my hunting number *shakes fist* chicken hunting should be a lot of fun next year.

I have no idea, if .22 HP is better or worse for de zombies but i would imagine there is more bone damage if it connects.

In any event like the guy in the video said, all weapons have ups and downs, no weapon does it all, which is why the leader and the team are so important.

Gotta wonder tho, does the m16 have a higher velocity and smaller round because of all the foilage during the veitnam war? was that the idea?

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