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I am fairly decent with about any firearm and do have a few firearms that are a bit picky as to what they will shoot accurately. My .44 mag for instance will only shoot 185 gr hollow points accurately, but will drive nails with those hand loads.

This pistol will end up being my bush/field pistol. I am buying a pilot chest holster for it and have some oversized grips on it now as well. It has a much better feel to it with the new grips. As for ammo, I will play around with it until I get a good mid weight .38 and .357 load for it. That way I can either use it for general shooting or for game if I need to.

Fixed sights never bothered me. Once you get your ammo dialed in, the sights are usually fairly on. If not, I usually put a dot with a white paint pen right where I have to put the front site in my sight picture. It really has never been a big deal for me and I can usually get something worked out to leave me ‘Minute of Coke Can’ @25 yards without too much issue.