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MountainBiker, you are right that the current system is not sustainable. There is one thing that has changed things a little. Oil in America. It has lowered the price of oil worldwide and may keep the system running for a little longer and the dollar higher. How long will this last I am not sure. Two years ago I said that the system would collapse by 2015. Now I think it will not collapse because of the amount of oil found in the U.S.

Now since it will not collapse that easy will the government find another way to collapse the system? I think that the owners of the Federal Reserve will collapse the system only when the dollar is not valuable for them to print anymore.
Think about it, if you were a partner of this group and you were able to just print all the money you want why would you stop that? Only reason would be when the dollar has no value or when you have set up a new system that will bring you more wealth.