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In my line of work I almost daily come across people whom I suspect are preppers or whom are at least thinking about getting ready for something, After a while you can almost get a sense of it immediately. At first I was considering trying to find more for my group, this soon started to turn into problems however so we decided to”disband” and reform with a very small core of 5 leaders (1 designated battle commander) who are always in the “know” on all matters surrounded by an outer shell of junior members. Operation Security is always a struggle in our web connected world, there is so much temptation to post”gun porn” on facebook as well has have members brag about this and that, it can bring down any group. I now focus more on identifying other groups and trying to form loose affiliations with them in which never more than 2 people in the group are closely tied to the other group. Lately I have been coming across so many like minded people that I’m not sure whether to be optimistic that people are waking up or concerned that everything is coming to a head. A good friend once told me that you’ll know it’s coming when the people who used to talk about preparing become silent and those who used to call them crazy begin to prepare, in my opinion we are there. We are trying to affiliate with other groups for general protection and commerce, but be very careful whom you actually trust. One of my main concerns now is what to do when a group member goes rogue, or do to some moral dilemma raises problems over something that had to be done in a SHTF situation.