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Hi Kos,
Good topic As we say when it comes to American Football, “Speed Kills!” The lighter you are the faster you will move, flank and retreat when necessary. Also you will be able to travel greater distances burning less calories in the process. I have my primary gear almost the same as you with rifle, 240 rounds of ammo and 2 liters of water down to 44 lbs. load out. This includes a 5 day supply of dehydrated mountain house food pouches + protein bars rationed at 1400 calories per day (2 mountain house pouches per day & 1 protein bar). Remember an Army marches on its stomach, most people forget this important fact. All of my primary gear is concealed in a civilian Camelbak outdoor adventure book-bag with a low profile and no external frames. In my area the key is to blend in with the local civilian population. I would also wear civilian American work pants and work shirt. in subdued brown/ green khaki colors. The only thing that would give me away would be the scoped rifle which I could rap in my civilian brown poncho so you would not see it until I am up close. Also I would be wearing military issue boots which could give me away when I am up close but it is what i am used to wearing and I trust them more than civilian shoes. From a medium distance I would blend in with the rest of the people. I hope…