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Depends on situation; for night ‘hunting’ I have a suppressed 300 whisper on an AR frame, with an ATN gen II night vision scope. It is accurate to about 150 yards and carries decent energy at that distance (muzzle energy for suppressed ammo is about 600 joules; for non suppressed ammo the energy is about like a 5.56mm). The 300 whisper Sounds about like a bb gun and that’s a big counter to the low power. .

For checking on what the dogs are alarming about, outside I carry a Remington 870 with an extended mag and overhand folding stock, loaded with 2.75 inch magnum #4 buckshot, and a walther p99 9mm pistol with a laser site and 500 lumen light. Inside the house, I do house clearing with a Stoeger 12g w/ 3″ magnum shells and the Browning side arm; I use an ATN Gen III night vision monocular goggle that automatically switches off when I turn on the 2000 lumen retina burning flash light. .

My daily concealed carry system is a Browning HP 9mm, and a 9mm AMT back-up, both loaded with alternating 9mm Buffalo bore and G2 high penetration ammo.

In a grid down setting, I would probably recon my property with a 16″ AR with a C mag + a suppressed 9mm Beretta M9 with 147 gr suppressed FMJ ammo, and a pair of 16″ kukris. I view night vision as crucial for all non daytime ops, and have multiple redundancies there.

That’s about it. Everybody needs to get ready; all the former agency and military people I used to work with are starting to take early retirement and many are moving out of the country altogether. All are saying something is coming before the end of 2014. So lock and load.