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Organization is always a good thing. I pulled my old meat grinder and a pasta maker out of a box in the garage and moved them onto the shelving. A few weeks ago I put up more shelving. Anytime I find something I’ve had a long time but have it in a obscure location I move it into my prep area.
Last week I sighted in my 6.5×55 Mauser using loads I made over 10 years ago. I have quite a few casex in .243 a sized and primed 12 years ago. I loaded them up and my son & I shot them on Friday. The primers on some of them must have absorbed moisture because we had a number of FTF’s. I loaded 200 or so 5.56 62gr steel cores at 2900 fps. and had 3″ groups at 200 yds with my C93.