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*sigh* this is what i think is really happening. *ducks from incoming missiles*

Russia threatened pre emptive strikes about 3 or 4 years ago in regards to the anti balistic missile systems positioned in romania, poland, and the main water ways between europe and russia. this was because the anti balistic missile systems where in direct contravention of the current M.A.D. policy that both sides of the cold war agreed on. (the policy where they would target all citys, civilians, and strategic structures in one fell swipe)

the new defense systems eliminate the stale mate between the two super powers, the only way to have mutually assured destruction now, is if russia makes the first strike… like with those 500 mile range missiles they just moved into range of poland this last month.

If the usa was to accidently hit the button first, russia would be obliterated and the nato anti ICBM systems tho not 100% capable of stopping all missiles, would probably stop enough of them to ensure continuity of government… largely because they have been constructing over 2000-4000 new underground bases per year since 2001, (the truckers supplying these underground systems claim that they are all done prepping them btw as of last year).

so last year we had the syria crisis, usa threatens to invade syria, which would have drawn in iran, causing a cluster **** in the midoil east. Russia and china recognized this as a subtle attack on their supplys of oil and to their economies. Russia threatened to invade saudi arabia (right after the saudi prince threatened terror attacks to russia during the olympics) and China publicly threatened the USA with nuclear annihilation and changed their no first strike policy to a first strike policy… (this all also happened right around the time a mysterious missile contrail apeared off the coast of california… which i believe was a chinese sub and a threat…)

enter our current situation. the usa is still trying to get boots on the ground in syria, russia doesnt like that much…

now this last bit is just my opinion… but every time we get close to a decision being made by obama or nato in regards to syria and isis, russia makes a move accross the boarder or threatens ukraine.

the reason that that is significant… is because they are inching ever so closer to the anti ICBM systems currently protecting europe from a first strike from “”””Iran”””” (laughing out loud)….

so in a nut shell we are on the cusp of world war three, if we invade syria and provoke an iran response. we in the west win… long term… because the economy of both china and russia will be brought to heel… they know this… which is why they are ready to go to war over it.

if a war broke out, the common people would believe that russia and china where the ones to hit first… but in fact the first fists have flown from we in the west, its just all plausibly deniable.

just like during ww2 and the oil embargo against japan that was the pre curser to japan invading oil rich territory and of coarse pearl harbor…

thats why both sides are engaged in such a biblical propaganda war of pointing fingers… regardless of what kind of war occurs… someones gonna get the blame afterwords.

and it wont be the banks, oil giants etc…

now as if that all wasn’t scarey enough… rewind to ww2… and do a little digging, and you will find that certain people funded both sides of the war, both politically, ideologically and with real cash and fuel… and then fast forward to the current situation we are in, and really ask yourself who benefits.

what disturbs me the most… is that there is a “conspiracy theory” that suggested before the war to end all wars, there would be a european union, north american union, and an asian union of economic and banking systems…

this latest deal with the brics is the asian union, or appears to be…

the final stages in that “consipracy” are, a biblical war people will call armagedon, unification under a new leader (most likely a religion, new or old, no doubt to be called the anti christ), unification of all the worlds currencys, unification of the worlds armys, and the elimination of anything that may pose a threat to those power bases. (i.e. christians, politically motivated militias etc.)

In my humble opinion, the ultimate goal is of coarse power… and please I am not trying to start a fight by saying this, but as far as the majority of people on this planet are concerned, there is no authority higher than god, not even money (and that means every religion, not just muslims and christians). So it is the ultimate way to get people to do what you want, it even trumps the ability to print as much money as you want.

*rant rant*

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.