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Freedom, until TX deports all illegals, punishes all elected serpents who promote the illegal invasion, AND fines anyone who hires them, TX will not become better by becoming a Republic. I have lived there all but 4 years of my life and the change is dramatic since the belligerent illegals invaded.

La Raza (radical mexican racists) have destroyed much of what was TX while corrupting the political process making it much like MX where you can buy a judge, LEO, or other public serpent. They have a movement called Reconquista whereby they plan to take the entire SW USA away from us to reunite it to MX, saying we stole it from them.

Meanwhile, people die daily just trying to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their possessions from the illegal, criminal invaders. When the SHTF, millions more will migrate from central and south America to the USA in an effort to survive. At that point the cartels and gangs in the US will go on a rampage that will be so strong that the LEO’s will no be able to stop them. Not a pretty pictyurte to say the least, but that is the intel I have been given by someone I know who is carefully informed by a major player inside the beltway so I believe his feedback without hesitation.

For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!