<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Tolik wrote:</div>The .22 is something I have always used and liked . Matter of fact , I still have the gun I used as a kid , a Win. model 190 . It still fires like new after all these years . At the same time , I dont take it very seriously . Its a good training round for very young adults , and good for small game . After that ………..well lets just say that I wouldnt buy another 22 for any reason . For hunting , a good air rifle will serve you just as well as a .22 . I have killed rabbits and other varmints with a pump 177 cal pellet gun , very easily ………less noise as well . Just Sayin .

I’ve known more than a few gents who I would go to war with, so long as they had their .22 along.

Poachers, old guys who have kept the table full for decades. 30 years past their prime, they can still sneak up on the most wary quarry.

As to what can be taken and has been taken with just a .22, I personally know of deer and elk harvested cleanly with just a .22.

Too many overestimate their skills and abilities.
Too many underestimate the skill and abilities of others.