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Most of you all look at our problems as a country far different from me. That’s totally cool. My view is that all of the ‘little’ stuff doesn’t matter – although that is what the media and public talk about. The main issue is, America, for whatever reason is not united behind any single goal. The ‘public’ takes for granted their freedoms, unknown in so many countries. The public pays more attention to their phone and cable shows than they do the issues of the day. And etc.

R or D, this or that — means nothing. The country is in horrendous debt, the American citizenry is (and this is not a recent ‘O’ phenomena) totally disaffected, there is no common goal or vision. That is reason enough to understand the country is not ‘in’ for anything ‘good’. Simply nature’s/universal laws at work.

Be wary of getting caught up in the ‘crisis dejour’…that ‘means the end is coming’, some ‘pandemic’ some, well some something.it doesn’t really matter the what the step-by-step lead ups ‘crisis of the day’ is….knowing that they will be there and will continue coming should be enough. Time ‘wasted’ ‘fascinated’ over every shtf ‘possibility’ does nothing but waste your time that could be better used for preparing.

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