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MountainBiker, there’s a really good reason why public school costs $10,000-$15,000 per child. It’s because it’s run as a government monopoly for the benefit of crony labor (teacher’s unions). IF schooling was left to the free market, the cost of schooling our children would go way down. Personally, it costs our household under $500 per child per year. That cost is funded by my household. I do not receive anything from government, nor do I want a cent from them.

Here’s a course in trigonometry. It costs just over a $120. One thing that is great about home schooling is the students learn early how to work independently and doesn’t need a teacher to spoon-feed them knowledge: http://www.mathusee.ca/default.php?cPath=2_23.

Hell, if we could get the funding of government activities down to military, policing and fair courts, I would be very happy with that world. Unfortunately, that isn’t the world we live in.

MountainBiker, the more free I get from the government, the happier I have become. I used to think, I needed the government. I now know, I’m better-off without government’s so called help.