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I pay $16,500 in property tax. And that is just the beginning on my household tax load. For the two businesses we run, my husband does 30 filing with the government every year for taxation purposes. That’s like doing 30 tax returns a year. It’s hundreds of hours of paperwork. God, help us if we miss a deadline. The penalties are horrific.


Personally, I home school my two children. I don’t use the social medical system. I had two home births. The rare time I want private health care I pay for it out of my household income. We put off having a family until we could afford it. We saved up money so I could stay home with our infants. I never got state-sponsored maternity leave… but I paid taxes so others women could stay home with their babies.

I am a very frugal person. I’m always looking for ways to be more efficient and save money. We always live well within our means. That’s how we have gotten where we are. I can tell you, it wasn’t dumb luck.

I don’t think I’m much of a moaner… As a business owner, I’m getting really tired taking all the risks, doing all the work, and having the government cream off my productivity for their stupid projects… And the government NEVER has enough! The government always has “good” reasons for increasing their mandate, which costs the taxpayer more and more and MORE! I’m done working for those parasites. (Oh, and I have to put up with people thinking I’m some greedy, heartless, bit*ch.)