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Well c I do agree with you that the better thing is no taxation but lets be real that is not going to happen. So yes the government will never use the peoples money in the right way. Now I am not talking about handouts which I am not for at all. What I am saying is that they always use the peoples money to help the banks or very large corp and do not help the joes when the joes get them self’s in trouble which is what happens all the time with banks. Remember the 1980’s Savings & Loans. And then in 2008, when they gave the banks 100’s of billions to bail them out. That bailout was supposedly to help the joes in foreclose. Yes some joes did the wrong investment and no one including the banks be aloud to get any bailout money but I personally would be less bad if the joes got the bailout and not the banks which made the wrong business loans to the joes in the first place with the zero down loan deals. The banks are the guilty party.

I do agree that no tax is better. I do not believe in taxes on your home. Taxes on our homes is only making us all renters and not owners. You can never say you own your home 100% because if you stop payment on your home taxes they will take it away from you.