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As soon as you give money to the government they give it to whomever they want. The left likes to give it to crony labor the right likes to give it to crony capitalists. The taxpayer’s money will do far more good in the taxpayer’s pocket then in your friendly neighborhood bureaucrat’s pocket! :)

Do you really think bureaucrats will spend your hard-earned productivity as well as you would? Do you really see bureaucrats as wise overlords that know how to spend your productivity better than you do?

The only way to stop the legal plunder is saying “No!” to taxation. Once your productivity is taken through taxation YOU lose control of your productivity. Then the government decides which groups will get the legal plunder. That’s why the right and left fight over government power, so they can decide where the legal plunder will go… which is to their friends of course.

If we want to see real progress in society, leave the money in the taxpayer’s pocket so the taxpayer may spend on volunteer transactions, saving and investing. Without heavy government spending, we won’t have “green” pyramid-like projects built for the glory of the government, but we WILL have a society that the citizens buy for themselves with their own productivity. In my opinion, that’s real progress.

Real progress in society comes from the spontaneous order of the marketplace. I don’t see it coming from the wise overlords in government with their dumb-arse, green programs.