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meh polotics, your taxes go to pay the debt, anything that is built, roads, schools wtv… the money is borrowed from a bank, it never comes from your pocket. the debt can never be repaid… its a mathematical certainty. as tax payers we are pledged to pay the debt, none of what you pay actually goes to roads etc, and you certainly don’t own it . WHOS STREET? not our street…. it really does work that way….

****.. when you deposit money in a bank… if you ever bother to read the fine print in your contracts… your actually lending the money to the banks, it leaves your possession… thats why they get away with bank runs etc… not to mention inflation…

and gold… don’t even get me started on gold. you think you own it because its in your possession, but the law to the letter its owned by your government and can be re possessed at any time, as far as they are concerned legally… your just a custodian, until you are an enemy of the state.

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.