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Question to Selco (or anybody with similar experience): Serious question – What did you do with your dead?

I was just out on a walk contemplating various thoughts when this discussion came to mind. I thought about any real world experience I might have had with encountering a fatality and realized I had nothing applicable to a SHTF situation. I mean, a casualty is always brought back to a medical facility where Mortuary Affairs eventually takes over the body of the deceased and processes him or her according to his or her belief system or lack thereof. This is even applicable to service members they locate decades and generations after a war. When I was in Iraq, the bodies of enemy combatants were rarely retrieved and civilian deaths were usually taken care of by the local community. I imagine the same was done for unrecovered dead insurgents. In any case, a system was already set up to address this situation; therefore, I never really gave it much thought.

If you are in a city under siege situation, or any populated area that has all public services suspended until further notice, what do you do with the body? Do you bury your comrades or loved ones in the back yard and make a family plot? Do you burn your dead if there is no time or simply leave him or her where he or she fell? What do you do with the bodies of your enemies?

I know, as always, situation dictates, but I never really gave it much thought. I suppose I could make up case by case hypotheticals, but I’d prefer to hear from people who might have some real world experience or might guide me to some historical reference.

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