Hey Sarge,

There’s some of us not so old who still cling to the old ways.

I’m ex-military. We live on a small farm in the South, well off the beaten path. It was run down and overgrazed when we got it. After 4 years of work, it’s starting to look and run like a farm should. We grow our own food with heirloom crops – Monsanto isn’t welcome here. Hunt what’s in season. Fish when we can find the time. Run our own stock at what the land will support. If we need something, we usually make it ourselves (me and my boy – he has to learn these skills). Our tractor is probably older than you (old redbelly Ford 8N made in 1947), but it still chugs along doing its job, almost impervious to time.

If you know of The Fourth Turning, we’re headed for a Crisis. Even those who don’t know of T4T can smell it in the air. Something truly awful is headed this way. If the Minnies (Millennials) don’t get off their 4th point of contact and put the iCrap away, the only ones who will be prepared to face what’s coming will be old men and boys. I’m not a Minnie. I’m part of the 13th Generation, also known as Gen X, born in ’67, so please forgive my pessimism and occasional gallows humor…

Just know you’re not alone, that there’s others behind you holding on to the old ways. We do so because the old ways are the best ways…

Some food for thought.



The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1