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Here in BC, we have the first “carbon tax” in North America. It’s nothing to be proud of but my environmental friends say it’s the greatest thing since Greenpeace saved the whales.

Actually, freedom, I’m really BIG into small-scale alternative energy that is designed for a specific site, paid for and run by the private property owner. The problem with big-arsed alternative energy programs, is they are run by government protectorates (crony capitalists) with government granted monopolies, funded by taxpayer money.

These “green” programs are very wasteful and are usually hated by the people that live near the projects. These “green” projects can negatively effect adjacent private property values, enraging neighbors. Some say their health has been negatively effected. A good example is the wind farms near Kincardine, ON. Kincardine is knows for its nuclear power plant that produces about 25% of Ontario’s power.


“Maybe we need to turn our societal creativity towards micro-projects that could be managed on the household or neighborhood level. What would it be like to live in a world where we didn’t pay utility bills to some faceless corporation but managed our own micro-utility system?”

I hope, with all my heart, that we move towards “green” micro-projects funded and operated by the private property owners. Unfortunately, the winds of change are not blowing in that direction… The government doesn’t want you to control your own sources of energy… You might start thinking that you don’t NEED them… That would be an unacceptable outcome for them.