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The problem with the green is that all the green products are made were they product as much pollutes as the rest of energy products. We have not really found any real green product. To manufacturer solar panels you need many materials that create pollutes too and what about the batteries? Then there is wind, well they kill birds, look real bad or unnatural and also use materials that are product the same way as oil is. from the plastics, lead, glass, aluminum, steel, and electricity to make all of what is green is just as bad as oil and any other energy present today and it cost much more.

I am not against new energy just they is no new energy that cost the same as oil and coal and the pollution created by green products is the same. Just look at the light bulb now they have lead! Look at this news video,
Struggling solar thermal plant seeks huge taxpayer bailout!


Now they want a bailout from us the peoples money! It doesn’t work! This is the problem, for any of the new energy to work you need private companies to invest there own money like every other business. This is how it will work. This solar is now killing birds by the 1,000’s.