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“Forget peak oil. We are at peak everything!”, is the rallying cry of environmental, statists from all over the planet.

I am a reformed environmentalist. I know from painful experience that people with a religious-like belief will ignore any evidence that disproves their hypothesis. For example, the US has gone through peak oil during the 1970s. Based on Hubbert’s Theory, there should be a continued decline in oil production in the US. In the last few years, fracking has proven Hubbert’s Theory incorrect.


Now, I’m not a fan of fracking because of the problem of groundwater contamination and the US maybe trading potable water for energy independence. Nevertheless, the Hubbert’s Theory which is the cornerstone of the peak oil movement, has been proven incorrect due to technological advance, just like the techoncrats said it would.

The biggest danger of the religious-like beliefs of the environmental movement is that they know, even if they don’t have the facts on their side, they are still “right”. They must protect the world (Gaia) from the scourge, that is humanity. Environmentalists have in a funny way, lost their humanity.

The next dangerous belief is that the risk to the world (Gaia) is so great, that any cost is worth spending. So, this makes environmentalists into hardcore statists. Since saving the world (Gaia) requires a worldwide coordinated rescue effort, this means the creation of a world government. Ugh.

Nor do these environmentalists, have what I would consider a sane way to assess their progress in saving the planet either.

Since I’m not much of a fan of big government, the idea of having a world government horrifies me. During my research of this issue, I found out how well developed this plan has become. I found out I was already a “disciple”. If you haven’t heard about UN Agenda 21, I would recommend understanding their goals because they have a lot of followers. It’s the most amazing piece of propaganda. Learning about UN Agenda 21 totally discombobulated me! Gee, and I thought they were my creative ideas… What a dupe I am. I wrote more about it here.


Do watch Rosa Koire’s lecture called Behind the Green Mask for more information about UN Agenda 21: