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You had a plan and you were open-minded enough to adjust it to the situation. That’s pretty much the bottom line to my whole post! I have to admit that I really liked your original plan, but as you quoted, “Best laid plans….”. Unfortunately, I have no fine-tuned carry-out load organized. My current idea would look something like:
1) AR platform main patrol rifle. I’m leaning towards an M16A4 clone since I want the reach and velocity of a long gun combined with the versatility of an M4 carbine. Unfortunately, it is ILLEGAL for me to own one of these in Occupied New York.
2) Beretta M9 as a sidearm. Let me just say that I strongly dislike the Beretta M9, but I’ve trained so frequently with it that it’s as familiar to me as my own living room. Also, 9MM is still more common than .45 ACP and is still the primary pistol of the U.S. Armed Forces. Unfortunately, I am limited to buying the NY SAFE Act compliant version.
3) Remington Mod 700 in sniper configuration…simple, light, and proven distance shooter. Used by BOTH police agencies and military, it is also fully legal to own in my state without any serious altercations or limitations. The only problem would be figuring out if I should get it in 5.56X45 in order to keep the need for ammo streamlined or 7.62X51 for that extra power.
4) Mossberg 500 with ghost ring sights. Again, used by both military and civilian police its a good room clearing/CQC/MOUT weapon, and legal in my state.
Needless to say that I would not be carrying all of theses weapons with basic combat load at all times.

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