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I think the economical collapse is still coming but there are some factors that have slowed it down. 1. Is Oil in the U. S. which has taken down the price world wide and has helped the dollar stay up for now. Remember that black oil is more valuable then gold and we have a lot of it. 2. The GOP winning may help with the keystone pipeline to pass which means more oil. 3. The GOP now control the purse(budget/cash) which no executive order can do that!
4. It looks like the GOP and Obama will sign some lowering of corp tax, to what point we will see.

All of this will slow down the collapse which I did not see one year ago and now see some of it happening, gas prices are under $3. I just purchased in Miami which is always higher at $2.85 a gallon which means more money for people to buy and food will start going down.

How long will this last I do not have any idea but I see it as a temporary thing.